Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 31 - End of the Road

Today ends my touching the ocean adventure.  It began just as a fun thing to try, not much of a stretch, but enough of a challenge to make it interesting.  I had some hard times getting down to the ocean, sometimes because I was tired, sometimes because Dara was not so agreeable.  I was hoping that I would be able to walk or run everyday and while it didn't turn out to work that way, most days I did get to walk. 

This morning I decided since it was my last day and I rarely go to the end of the pier, I should make the journey out that far at least.  It was a cloudy morning - but looking back over the hills was stunning.  Also on my way to the beach I have to cross over some railroad track (and a foot bridge over the freeway)  Today of course I made it just before the train.  Another cool view there . . .

The sand was dry and not so cold this morning which was nice.  I am so grateful for the adventure.

train, train tracks and freeway . . .

looking toward downtown Ventura

Ventura Pier

feet in the water
 P.S.  my mom asked what I would be doing for this next month.  February will be a journey inward - I will focus on writing, meditation and Healing Touch.  Stay tuned here or at embody wisdom

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